iPhone screen repairs

I pride myself on offering affordable iPhone screen repair services, focusing on using the highest quality aftermarket parts.

My commitment goes beyond the norm by ensuring features like True Tone are restored and applying replacement adhesives for waterproofing.

Although I use the best parts I can source, sometimes aftermarket parts fail. I provide a no hassle 90-day gurantee on my iPhone screen repairs as long as there is no physical damage.

The quote I give you is the price you will pay. If anything unusual comes up, I will get in touch with you before making any unexpected repairs. I don’t like surprises either.

iPhone Screen Repair Costs

Please enquire about other models.
$ 90-240
  • $90 - iPhone 8, 8 Plus, SE
  • $110 - iPhone XR, 11
  • $120 - iPhone X, XS, XS Max
  • $130 - iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12 Mini
  • $150 - iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max
  • $240 - iPhone 13, 13 Mini

Frequently Asked Questions

I offer efficient iPhone screen repair services, often completing jobs in about 30 minutes when I have the necessary parts. I keep a wide range of iPhone screens in stock, except for the newest models. There's no waiting room, so you'll need to leave your phone with me. If you have a secondary contact method, I can notify you if the repair is done early. For parts not readily available, I can usually source them within a week. I focus on iPhones as repairs for other brands like Samsung are often not cost-effective.

All iPhone screen repairs are warrantied completely as long as the glass doesn’t crack. Also, if you buy Protection Pro and purchase insurance you can get something like Apple Care, but much cheaper!

Besides that, I don’t guarantee that any repair lasts forever, but as long as your device doesn’t have visible damage I will seek to make things right. In other words, if your device breaks again (or malfunctions) after I repair it, I may ask you to cover the cost of the parts for the second repair but not the labour, sometimes it means I will do the repair again for free. It all depends on the situation. Overall, you can be confident that if I repair your device, I will do my best to keep it operating as it should. My aim is to treat you the way I would like to be treated.

No, but there is always a small risk when working on small electronics. If your data is very important, it is best practice to back up your data before a repair.


In my early days of phone repair, I opted for the cheapest parts available, only to realize their high failure rate. That experience led me to partner almost exclusively with a Canadian supplier, MobileSentrix, known for their reliable parts and warranty against non-physical damage. I'm particularly impressed with their iPhone batteries, offering extra capacity compared to Apple's, and their recently launched iPhone screen repair parts, which in some aspects are comparable or even superior to Apple's screens. For a detailed explanation on this, see this video 

Most older iPhone screens costs around 80-120 dollars (e.g., iPhone 8-11). Pro models are more expensive, usually coming in around 200 dollars. Newer iPhones (e.g., iPhone 12-14) are much more expensive, starting at 200 and going up to 500-600 dollars for the pro and max models.

How Can We Help?

What You Should Know When You Get an iPhone Screen Repair

If you get an iPhone screen repair by anyone who’s not an official Apple technician, like That Guy Who Fixes Phones, you’ll end up paying less… but, keep in mind that Apple will bug you about it!!!

For example, if you have an iPhone 11 or newer you will be warned when you first boot up your phone that your screen isn’t genuine. This message will appear again after 4 days, and then again after 30 days.

Also, the same warning message will remain on the About page within the iPhone’s Settings. The message states that Apple was “unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display”. This does not affect your ability to use your iPhone, but it could impact future warranty work from Apple or the resale value of your phone.

iPhone Screen Repair Warning