Mac Update: Macbook or iMac Refresh

Are you in need of a Mac update? Is your Macbook or iMac feeling slow and unresponsive? Look no further! We have the perfect solution that can bring your device back to life.

By upgrading to a lightning-fast SSD hard drive and adding more RAM, your Mac can perform like a brand new one. Say goodbye to endless loading times and hello to blazing-fast speeds that will enhance your productivity and overall user experience.

And that’s not all! With OpenCore technology, we can even install the latest Mac OS on most Macs from 2012 and forward. That means you’ll have access to all the latest features, updates, and security enhancements that Apple has to offer.

Don’t let an outdated Mac hold you back! Contact us now for a Mac update and experience the power and speed of a fully optimized device.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several things that impact the cost of a Mac upgrade:

- Storage: Depending on how much space you need, the cost may increase.
- RAM: We suggest at least 8 GB for a smooth experience.
- iMac screen: If you have an iMac, keep in mind that opening it takes some time and effort, so the cost might be a bit higher.

But don't worry, we can usually upgrade most Macs for between $100 and $200.

While we offer a warranty on the new components such as the new Hard Drive and RAM, we cannot guarantee the longevity of your existing computer. However, we do provide a 90-day window within which you can return your system to us in the event of a malfunction. Upon return, we will reclaim our parts and offer a partial refund to ensure your satisfaction.

Rest assured, in the majority of cases, we are able to clone your hard drive and perform the necessary upgrades without any loss of data. However, it is worth noting that certain outdated software may not be compatible with the newer versions of Mac OS. We highly recommend verifying the compatibility of any critical software prior to proceeding with the upgrade process.

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